If your child insists on grabbing for your smartphone, put it to your advantage and ask him or her to use it to snap photos of garden wildlife in action.

Observing and photographing nature is a great educational opportunity to teach your child nature and an excellent way for you and your child to spend some time quietly studying nature, looking for signs of how wildlife uses habitat for food, water, cover, a place to raise young.

There are many wildlife photography contests that your child can enter. The National Wildlife Federation is hosting its 2nd annual Garden for Wildlife™ Photo Contest this summer, accepting entries beginning August 5, 2019. The contest is open for photo submissions that highlight the impact of habitat gardens on wildlife and people alike.

Ranger Rick magazine wants your kids to send them their best original nature photographs. Any photo with a wildlife or landscape theme, taken with a camera or phone is eligible. A winner is selected each month!

Born Free is hosting a new summer photography competition #ShootToThrill open to anyone with a camera. The contest encourages you to get outside and photograph wildlife as it should
be – in the wild.

Make this a part of your summer routine but making wildlife and nature observation a daily or weekly ritual. After they make their observations, they can document garden activity with photos or in a nature journal. At the end of the summer, they should have some excellent photos to choose from to submit to the contest.

Happy snapping!